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Additional Training Available

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) Training

Learn how to prevent costly sampling system errors that skew process analyzer results. Then, design and build your own sampling system using what you learned. This comprehensive 5-day, interactive course is offered worldwide — even at your own site. Essential for engineers, chemists, technicians, or anyone involved in the design, building, operation, or maintenance of process analyzer sampling systems.  Read More

Process Analyzer Sampling Systems (PASS)—Subsystems Training

This course builds on our process analyzer sampling system training by offering a deeper exploration of the subsystem components that make up industrial sampling systems. Through an effective blend of lecture, class exercises, and a team design project, you learn to analyze a complex system to understand it better and troubleshoot designs, no matter if they are in the field or on the drawing board.

Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance Training (SSM)

This course will provide the knowledge required to troubleshoot and maintain process analyzer sample systems to help ensure they function as intended.  You will learn to recognize and diagnose common sampling system design flaws and how to employ formulas, calculations, and engineering principles rather than rely on guesswork or approximations. In the end, you’ll put your learning to the test as you
troubleshoot sample system designs and recommend corrective actions.  Read More

Orbital Weld Training

With plenty of hands-on instruction, participants in this five-day course learn orbital welding principles, plus how to set up, run and troubleshoot an orbital welding system. The course is ideal for welders, welding supervisors, and quality assurance and control personnel. This course includes weld sample submission for ASME Section IX Weld qualification.  All instructors have Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) and Certified Weld Educator (CWE) qualifications, as well as at least five years’ experience in orbital welding instruction.  Read More

Swagelok University Online Training

If your training requirements go beyond instructor lead classes you may be interested in attending Swagelok’s on-line university. Swagelok University is an interactive, on-line portal where customers can access over 140 different courses on a variety of fluid system topics. Topics covered include Swagelok products, industry specific areas, safety, and more. As you complete each section, there is an end of course test to measure and track your progress.  Read More