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Swagelok Corpus Christi

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Relief Valve Setting

Pressure relief valves are designed to protect a plant’s assets, both equipment and process, but also protect people should a problem arise in the process. 100% reliability is vital.  Setting the relief valve is critical to ensure maximum reliability and performance.Relief Valves

Swagelok Corpus Christi now offers you the option of ordering Swagelok relief valves pre-set to your specific requirements.  We are able to calibrate the RL3 and RL4 series low-pressure relief valves, and R3A and R4 series high-pressure relief valves equipped with the A, B or C spring (to a maximum of 1500 psig).

We can make this critical process easy for you through:

  • Precise calibration, fast delivery and easy installation
  • Reduced inventory, including assets like space and supplies to self-set relief valves
  • Increased time and labor savings associated with set up, testing, tagging and training your personnel, not to mention creating standard operating procedures and auditing work processes.
  • Minimize downtime
  • Increased safety factor

Email us or call 361.289.2148 today and tell us the pressure you want your relief valve set.


R-Series relief valves: 

Set in-house up to 1500 PSI

Factory set up to 6000 PSI

IPT Series relief valves:

Factory set up to 20,000 PSI